Blindside: About A Burning Fire

October 28th 2001, The State Theater was packed to capacity, P.O.D. was easily the biggest new thing in aggressive music and I was ready for an amazing night. The night did deliver but it wasn’t P.O.D. (The Headliner) or Fenix TX. The trophy went to the opening band who stole the entire show. Blindside, a mostly unknown post hardcore band from Sweden opened their performance with an explosion of controlled chaos and held a frantic pace right until the end. Christian Lindskog the front man swung his hips and fists with the confidence and swagger of a seasoned rock and roll icon. From that moment I was sold. I still don’t know exactly what the appeal was, I just know that in a musical culture of excess, Blindside gave you more.

About a Burning Fire, the fourth album was released on February 24, 2004 The album is is a killer from start to finish, ending with the title track “About A Burning Fire” a guttural scream anthem that gives you the perfect mix of salty and sweet. Also “Hooray, It’s L.A. features The Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan on guitar.

I listened to that CD until it wouldn’t play anymore. Time and abuse destroyed my copy just in time for the digital revolution and now, not a week goes by that I don’t listen to some part of that album. I haven’t found another musical work that holds up from year to year. So many other recordings are out-shined by the next big thing or the bands next studio album. Often a recording shows it’s age because recording techniques improve.

If you love outward expressions of violence in art then this the audio assault you’ve been looking for.

Gregory Eugene

The founder of Divorce The World, Gregory has been writing for Divorce The World since the turn of the millennium.