Fight for the Forgotten

Justin Wren is is an MMA powerhouse. His successful mixed martial arts career spans the UFC – from starring in the Spike reality show “The Ultimate Fighter,” to becoming a dominating force in the heavyweight division, to his MMA record of 15-2. But now the world knows this 6-foot-3-inch, 265-pound fighter for his work with the forgotten.

The Bible calls us to remember the widows and orphans. We are also called to help those in prison or poor. The prevailing idea is that when a person is in need of care, we as the church are supposed to provide. The 2018 Global Estimates of Modern Slavery, which estimated that 40.3 million people were in some form of slavery on any given day in 2016. Justin Wren has built a foundation with the idea that these people are worth helping

When addiction and depression in his early career were too much for Justin, he stepped away from MMA to seek out purpose and passion for his life. What he found was a forgotten tribe of Mbuti Pygmies deep in the jungles of the Congo, beaten down by economic enslavement, disease, and hopelessness.

Since 2011, Justin and Fight for the Forgotten have provided nearly 3,000 acres of land and dozens of water wells to the Pygmies. Not only are they no longer slaves, they’re thriving, with Pygmy leaders embarking on multiple community development initiatives including education, vocational training, and sustainable agriculture.


Gregory Eugene

The founder of Divorce The World, Gregory has been writing for Divorce The World since the turn of the millennium.