World Chase Tag

World Chase Tag is an Extreme Parkour version of the Childhood favorite Tag!

World Chase Tag was formed by Christian Devaux in 2012 after a game of Tag with his son in their back garden. A year later, he was joined by his brother, Damien, and together they set about turning the oldest game into the newest sport.

The competitions are a team competition that is played by two teams of up to 6 athletes. Each match is the best of 16 Chases. Each Chase is 20 seconds long with one Chaser and one Evader. There is a 25 second Rest Period between Chases. The winning athlete in each Chase stays on as the Evader for the next Chase. A team is awarded one point for each Evasion they make. Male and female athletes compete together and if you loved tag as a kid you should look up World Chase Tag on Youtube!

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