There is no two

If you aren’t familiar with the Matrix beware there are major spoilers ahead. In 1999 The Matrix became a world wide phenomenon. Neo, a computer hacker who finds out that the entire world is a computer simulation created by a race of machines designed to enslave humanity. This movie captured the hearts and minds of audiences by creating a clear line between good and evil and redefining amazing fight scenes forever. The Matrix is also one of the clearest metaphors for a lost soul turning to Christ found in modern storytelling.

Think of Thomas Anderson (Neo) as a lost soul called to a saving knowledge of Christ. At first he’s ignorant to the battle taking place all around him. but he knows that something is wrong and he doesn’t belong in this world. Ephesians 6:12 , John 15:19 

Others who have already been freed from the slavery of the false world around them are used to bring others out of their sleep. You need to answer the call with a very real choice to have faith or not to have faith symbolized with taking a pill. If you choose the blue pill (choosing not to believe) then you wake up in your normal life and you feel like it was all a dream but if you take the red pill (accepting the holy spirit) you have your mind opened to the true world (the spiritual world) Esther 4:14, Mark 16:15-16, 1 Corinthians 1:21

As Neo chooses to have faith he is given a second birth and slowly learns that he has access to unimaginable power that is only possible if you have faith. This power also depends on a plan that Neo has to surrender to. As Neo accepts that his will is less important than the calling he has more and more impossible things happen on his journey. John 3:3, Acts 1:8, Jeremiah 29:11

This entire movie was beautifully crafted from start to finish. Every moment you see a new piece of the puzzle. There is a clear line between good and evil and the world of the matrix feels fantastic and yet possible. This is possibly the most complete salvation metaphor ever captured on film and yet there is still one problem.

The sequels are unwatchable garbage. The second and third films are diluted caricatures of the original story. There is no sense of direction or character development. Where the first chapter of this tale has a complete self contained hero’s journey the next two are just the characters wandering aimlessly while you learn new, uninteresting facts about a world you no longer care about. But I found a solution…

There is no two. If you like me stopped watching the Matrix because of the disappointment that came from thinking about this franchise you can simply pretend that the second and third movies never happened. I like to imagine that the Matrix was a stand alone movie leaving me with the happiness that came from watching the original. I know it is hard but I’ve encouraged my children to watch only the first movie and ignore the rest and they love it.

Gregory Eugene

The founder of Divorce The World, Gregory has been writing for Divorce The World since the turn of the millennium.