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The best avant-garde sports of all time!

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The best avant-guard sports of all time.

World Chase Tag

World Chase tag is playground tag for the elite athlete. A six on six team sport with matches played over a series of 16 rounds. Each round is 1v1, with one player as the chaser and their opponent as the evader. The team with the most points after 16 rounds wins. Perfect for fans of American Ninja Warrior or parkour.

The Caber Toss

The caber toss is a traditional Scottish game where competitors toss a large tapered pole called a “caber” It is the prized Jem at the Scottish Highland Games. In Scotland, the caber is usually made from a larch tree and it can be up to 20 feet tall and weigh 90–150 pounds. The objective is to toss the caber so that it turns end over end, falling away from the tosser. The goal is for it to fall directly away from the tosser in the “12 o’clock” position. The distance doesn’t matter.

The straightest end-over-end toss scores highest. If the caber lands on its end but falls back towards the thrower, the score is lower than for any end-over-end throw but is based upon the maximum vertical angle that the caber achieved (side-judging may involve a second judge).

End-over-end tosses are scored according to the hours on a clock, with a 12:00 score being highest (falling directly away from the thrower), down to a 9 or 3 for cabers that reach a vertical, before falling to the side.


Dagorhir Battle Games is the oldest and largest live-action roleplay / combat organization in the United States, with chapters in nearly every state and many others world wide. Players (called “Dagorhirrim”) create an alternate persona for the game. This persona can be as involved as the person likes–some create elaborate backstories and character genealogies, others just select an alternate name to be known by in the game. Personas can be from any time period prior to the common usage of gunpowder in Europe, or any compatible fantasy setting.

Soapbox Racing

The Red Bull Soapbox Race hosts several races around the world. Custom made vehicles are pushed down a hill, and players need to steer their vehicles through a course avoiding obstacles. Contestants arem’t usually pros , so cars are prone to fail. The crashing, tipping, or breaking apart is often the best part. Cars are judged by creativity, a pre-race performance, and their race time. so speed isn’t the only goal. Creativity plays a massive role. People design their vehicles based on themes from pop culture to pun humor. Many times outfits match the theme.

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